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          Shenzhen City Shinmi photoelectric Co.,Ltd

          DC12V RGB LED Amplifier,Mini RGB LED Amplifier Supplier
        2. 12A
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        6. LED Amplifier,DC12V RGB LED Amplifier,Mini RGB LED Amplifier Supplier



          DC12V RGB LED Amplifier
          Voltage supply:DC12V
          Output:3 channels


          Product Description:


          This mini RGB amplifier are suitable for all kinds of constant voltage led controller. it can enlarge the led controller single through the RGB to receive the PWM(pulse width modulation),and output the single to the load ,then it can make the same effect with the controller.when add each additional amplifier, can connect and controlled twice more LED lights.theoretically , one controller can connector with thousands of mini RGB amplifier, and can make the same effect.

          Technical Specification:


          1.Working temperature:-20-60°C

          2.Input voltage:DC12V

          3.Output:3 circuit

          4.Connection mode:Common anode

          5.controller size:L40.0×W12.0×H5mm

          6. Net weight:11g

          7.Static power consumption:<0.5W


          8.Output current:<2A(each circuit)

          9. Output power: 12V < 72W

           Typical Applications:


          Connect the input and output wire in sequence according to the specification one the label of the amplifier, make sure that no short circuit phenomenon,then connect the amplifier to the DC12V power supply , and used with the led light , the wiring diagram are as follows:

          DC12V RGB LED Amplifier


          1,This products Input voltage is DC12V,other input voltage are not allowed.

          2,Lead wire should be connected correctly,according to the wire color and the connecting diagram offers

          3,Overload are prohibited.