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          Shenzhen City Shinmi photoelectric Co.,Ltd

          220v christmas light string,led string light,decoration string light
        2. 10m 100pcsleds
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        5. 产品介绍
        6. 220v christmas light string,led string light,decoration string light


          Product Specifications / Features

          I. Name: LED Christmas string lights

          2, Specifications: 10 meters of conventional 100 bulb
          (light string length, bulbs quantity can also be customized
          according to your requirements).

          3, Color: red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white,
          pink,orange, color, etc.

          4, Voltage:12v, 24V; 100 ~ 120V; 220 ~ 240V ;
          steay lights or flashing lights(With controller);

          can be connected with plug.

          5, Material : ultra bright 3MM/5MM bulbs using
          light-emitting diodes; light string wires diameter : 1.8MM
          ( 9 * 15 wire) PVC copper wire. Plug with international

          Decorative pendant (transparent PVC ): heart-shaped;
          five-pointed star; bullet; strawberries. Indoor and outdoor

          6, Certification: controller and plug SAA

          7, Packing: color box or plastic packing; outside box size:

          Competitive Advantages

          Well and High Quality Control ,
          Prompt Delivery ,
          Customer's Design and Logo are Welcome ,
          Competitive Prices